Kafé Calangues


The language café is an ongoing project with evolving objectives. The initial idea is to set up in Marseille a place of meetings, conviviality and exchanges around the cultures and languages of the world. The idea is to bring together the different European and international communities present in the Phocaean city and get to know each other better.

A monthly event ...

The KAFÉ CALANGUES is now a monthly event at the “CRIJ” or “la fabulerie” in Marseille. From English to Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese or Croatian, from the curious to the most advanced, there is something for everyone and for every flag. Volunteers come to share and exchange about their favorite language, all in the good mood.

We start from the observation that some foreigners find it difficult to find their bearings in France, and many French people want to deepen a foreign language or open up to international cultures. The first step of the project is to organize a meeting between all the inhabitants of Marseille who are interested in foreign cultures and languages.

We propose then to allow the meeting for the creation of pairs: the French will learn foreign languages and cultures, they will also give good plans cultural outings in Aix or Marseille and help foreigners to decode the local culture and territory. Foreigners will be able to practice their French and integrate into the culture and territory.


A rich adventure in culture !

To launch the dynamic, it is important to create a strong time that will bring together the interested parties, and allow them to exchange, form pairs or language groups. Once connected, they can manage the frequency of their meetings themselves.

These itinerant cafes would aim to promote education, cultural diversity and foreign languages, while bringing together people who want to learn about the rest of the world. The second stage is the organization of language cafés to bring together the cultural and linguistic diversity of the world in Aix or Marseille. So? Concretely, it is a group of volunteers who regularly organize in different places of Marseille, language cafes, a space of meeting and cultural exchange, a place where citizens and collective associations offer a moment of sharing, of conviviality and solidarity.

Like cultural cafés, it is a desire to undertake with a social and solidarity economy approach, combining a warm space welcoming the public, artisanal products from around the world, language cafés, and thematic cultural evenings. Finally, the last and most ambitious step would be the creation of a place, a café to bring together the cultural and linguistic diversity of the world in Marseille. This structure could support solidarity initiatives around local and international intercultural meetings.