Dissemination, Communication and impact of the project

Role and activity

The University of Sapienza, leader of this Work Package, is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the activities and results of the project.

Description of activities

Develop and share a communications and dissemination strategy

Disseminate deliverables at each stage of the project, both within and outside the consortium

  • Assessment :

Create and distribute satisfaction surveys to assess the impact of the project on the students, teachers and civil society organizations involved, then disseminate the results of these surveys.

Interview students, teachers and representatives of civil society who participated in the project.

Create and share a YouTube channel with service-learning video clips

Responsibilities of the University of Sapienza and other partners in this Work Package

The University of Sapienza is responsible for leading this Work Package and has drafted the Project Communication, Dissemination and Evaluation Plan .

Each partner:

  • involves the communication department of your university, notably for the strategy relating to social networks and institutional communication on university websites,
  • implements actions for the dissemination of the results of the project (course materials, examples of Service-Learning projects developed by teachers during the training of Work Package 3, dissemination during the first local events of Work package 4 with the presentation of tools and summary documents for visual mapping of data collected on Service-Learning by Work Package 2, etc.).