Climate Generation Program


The Climate Generation Program is a scheme run by the Foundation for Nature and Man, which aims to finance projects run by young people. The program is aimed at groups of young people aged 15  to 35, and must be linked to sustainable development issues such as : agriculture, energy, waste management/transformation and sustainable management of natural ressources.

Several types of funding are possible : from a helping hand for first initiatives to a helping hand for more ambitious projects ->

In cooperation with the associations Migration and Development and 1 garbage per day, Eurasia net, as a relay actor, accompanies you through the year on awareness-raising actions (workshops, climate fresco), information and actions (waste collection, meetings of sustainable development actors). In addition, we offer collective support sessions to help young people determine their objectives, actions and projects, and if they wish, apply for the Generation Climate programme grant (project framing, drafting of the application form, etc.), write the funding application form and help you implement your project.

For further information about the CMP and the 3 accompanying structures of the programme, please contact

On 30 September 2022, the actors of the climate generation programme as well as Jules Obama, coordinator of the PGC at the Fondation pour la nature et l’homme, met in Marseille to present the programme to professional actors in the field of sustainable development and to young future laureates in order to reflect on the dynamics of territorial commitment.