Guide to implement Service-Learning in universities (inside and outside consortium) – promote Service-Learning practices in European universities

Main goals

Develop a guide to facilitate the implementation of Service-Learning and collaboration between the different stakeholders (representatives of civil society and university communities; teachers, students, decision-makers and administrators)

Promote Service-Learning practices

Specific objectives

Promoting Service-Learning practices in European universities

Share practices with an innovative European dimension

Improving the implementation of Service-Learning in higher education

Planned activities

The organization of a European seminar in Bucharest from June 25 to 28, 2024 during which the best Service-Learning projects will be awarded prizes.

The development of a final guide to be disseminated to better popularize Service-Learning practices and guide their implementation.

Expected results of the work package

Service-Learning practices are widely valued in European universities

A better understanding of Service-Learning

The design of a Service-Learning label

The development of a guide for stakeholders in Service-Learning practices (teaching/administrative staff, students and civil society organizations).