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Eurasia net is a dynamic, resourceful and passionate team.

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We introduce you to the team

Eurasia net’s employed and volunteer team : a great energy to implement local and international innovations. 

Bertrand Soulcie


Bertrand has an international acaedemic background : studies in England, France and the United States. His various experiences in the field of youth, non-formal education and his travels to meet cultural diversity have transformed his life ! This recipe is the basis of his passion : he decided to work on the setting up of European and international projects and to accompany young people in order to integrate an international dimension in their lives.

With a team of people motivated by the interculturality and internationalism, he decided to create Eurasia Net. The objective : to accompany young people, organisations and institutions from local to international level and to promote exchanges between Europe and Asia. He is now the director and general coordinator of the structure. Contact him to co-construct tomorrow’s projects : he loves working in coopreation to create innovations ! 

Dan Mu


Dan is well-known Chinese artist who exhibits between Europe and Asia. She participated in the foundation of the associative project Eurasia Net and realized the exhibition “Eurasia Wings” for the 50 years of diplomatic relations between France and China, as well as an exhibition in Shanghai. She is in charge of artistic projects and intervenes in schools to raise awareness of the Chinese language, calligraphy and art. She is also in charge of cooperation projects with China. 

Cécile Fournier


Cécile had the opportunity to do several different mobilities in Europe. First through an Erasmus semester in Sweden during her studies in economics, she then carried out a civic service in Lithuania with Eurasia Net, followed by an internship in the Netherlands. With this experience, she now joins the Eurasia Net team as an administrative officer, so that other young people can also have such opportunities. 

Annabelle Han


Following a career focused on international cooperation and significant experiences of volunteering and mobility (Civic service in Marseille, then International Solidarity Volunteering which allowed her to work for two years in Morocco), Annabelle joined the Eurasia Net team to support young people in their mobility and socio-professional integration projects.

Giacomo Bagatella


Italian and passionate about foreign languages and cultures, Giacomo is particularly interested in Asia and the Middle East. With a Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Negotiation and an interest in international relations and geopolitics, his dream is to work in the diplomatic field. To go in this direction, he decided to join the Eurasia Net team to concretise his desire to cooperate between Europe and Asia. 

Elizabeth Vénisse


Curious and committed Elizabeth joined the Eurasia Net team in September 2021. Through her studies in philosophy, political science and international negotiation and her professional experiences, she has lived in several countries such as the USA, South Korea ans Italy. She is particularly interested in the Far East and the Arab world and wishes to contribute to the impact of Eurasia Net in their local and international dimensions. 

Sarah Lieven


Always very attracted to international relations and foreign languages, Sarah has been able to combine her two passions throughout her university career. She first lived in England during her studies in Applied Foreign Languages (English-Japanese) and then in the Netherlands during her Master 1 European Politics. Having also a degree in political science, she quickly wanted to move towards a career with meaning and impact on society. She is currently doing a Master’s degree in European and International Politics and is committed to human rights, particularly women’s rights, which is a field she would like to work in later. She is currently involved in an association in Malaysia that works for the education of children. 

Mouma Bouchnafa


Passionate about foreign languages, discovering new cultures and international relations, Mouma became a volunteer to develop her skills through her different interests. As a final year student of the Master’s degree in International Relations and Affairs in Montperllier, she is eager to travel and devotes her free time to participative volunteering. She is also the Head of an International Humanitarian Association in Montpellier. Very invested in the causes she supports, she joined Eurasia Net to support the Civic service and European Solidarity Corps. 

Rayima Ammad


Rayima is passionate about foreign languages and cultures hand holds a degree in Foreign Languages, literature and civilisation in English, Korean and Spanish. After obtaining a master’s degree in Digital and editorial communication, she decided to start a civic service at Eurasia Net to enrich herself with new encounters, new experiences, while consolidating her communication skills. She is currently involved in an association in Malaysia that works for the education of children. 

Julien Disbeaux


Admiring the EU, its policies and projects, Julien graduated with a Law degree during which he studied international and european law. He then went on the study European politics and joined the European and International Studies Masters. For his last year of studies, he did his end-of-study internship in Civic service at Eurasia Net and dedicated himself to the European Solidarity Corps. Fascinated by the social aspect of politics, Julien is delighted to be able to help as many people as possible benefit European programmes. 

Alexis Miss


Freshly returned from an Erasmus + exchange in Romania, Alexis finished his Geographic and Urban Planning degree and opened up to the world. The perspectives given to him by this university exchange made him want to make this kind of experience abroad possible for as many people as possible. He therefor decided to join Eurasia Net as part of a Civic Service, to learn, meet, witness and improve his skills. 

Aurore de Rumine


After several years of searching and a year in a BTS in Tourism that she finally left, Aurore decided to join Eurasia Net as a Civic Service volunteer during a gap year, attracted by the intercultural aspect and the sharing values of the association, as well as to develop personally. She plans to change careers by joining a biology university at the end of her service. 

Noémie Toni


Passionate about foreign cultures and civilisations as well as languages, Noémie obtained a degree in Applied Foreign Languages in English, Spanish and Italian. With two periods of mobility, in England and Spain, during her studies, Noémie is very open to the world and the opportunities it has to offer. At the end of her degree, Noémie whised to engage in a Civic Service to discover the jobs related to the cultural project management and the association Eurasia Net, with its commitment to international solidarity, seemed an obvious choice for this voluntary mission .