The Civic Service

The Civic Service is designed for young people aged 18 to 25 and up to 30 for those with disabilities. It allows them to live an experience of openness to the world, to discover a field of activity, and to develop formal and informal skills.

The Civic Service, what is it?

The Civic Service is a voluntary commitment to serve the general interest. Through its network of partners and its internal missions, Eurasia net offers volunteering missions in France and abroad on topics such as:

  • Environmental protection and awareness
  • Promoting cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Support for social entrepreneurship projects
  • International cooperation
  • Education for all

Goin on a mission through the Civic Service

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Be 18 to 25 years old
  • Never before completed a civic service mission
  • Has french nationality, the nationality of a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area or justify a regular stay in France for more than one year. For more information, click here.

A mission through Civic Service can possibly replace your “internship” module depending on your student career. No condition of training or professional experience is required, except a strong motivation to invest in a mission of general interest.

All volunteers on a Civic Service mission, as part of their contract, must complete Civic and Citizenship Training (FCC in French for “Formation Civique et Citoyenne), BLS training and benefit from support for the future project. Eurasia Net organises – among other things – pre-departure training before the mobility in order to facilitate a smooth running of the mission.

The Civic Service allowance

In France and abroad, the allowance is mainly financed by the French Government.

In France, the Government pays an allowance of €496.93 per month. Internationally, this allowance is €549.28 per month, regardless the weekly duration of the mission (which is between 24 and 35 hours).

The host organisations provides the volunteer the amount of €113.02, in kind or in cash, corresponding to the payment of food (supply of meals) or transport costs. Internationally, services in kind are often chosen by our partners.

Volunteers in Civic Service benefit from full social insurance. They have international insurance and medical expenses are covered.

Regarding plane tickets for international missions, they are to be taken care of by the volunteer.

Different types of Civic Service


The International
Civic Service

The International Civic Service is an international commitment of a 6 to 12 month mission abroad, without a period to be carried out in France beforehand. To do this volunteering, there are two possibilities: the volunteer identifies an international hosting structure and propose it to Eurasia net, which will then contact this structure to have it accredited; the volunteer chooses a partner from the ones Eurasia net already has.

The Civic Service
in France

Eurasia net also offers local volunteering within the team. It consists of supporting the association in monitoring projects, supporting young people in their mobility project, and setting up cultural events. This offers a possibility to develop skills in writing European projects, train in interculturality, meet and work with youth actors in the region and set up, if desired, a 3-month volunteering period abroad. Volunteers receive an allowance of €496.93 from the government plus €113.02 provided by the hosting structure in France.


The Franco-International
Civic Service

Eurasia net offers several international volunteering projects structured in a combined way. The program begins with 1 to 2 month mission in an organisation in Marseille, then 6 to 9 month mission abroad. Finally 1 month of experience assessment and skills enhancement on return to Marseille.