Volunteering Communities

The Territoire Volontaires program, run by France Volontaire, Its objective is to increase the number of international civic services and facilitate access to the system for local authorities committed to solidarity and sustainable development goals.

During reflection sessions on sustainable development issues conducted by the various departments of the Valbonne City Hall, the latter proposed a reciprocal volunteer project, in partnership with the Togolese association SICHEM Agro-DR. This project is part of a commitment to raise awareness among young people about the challenges of international and environmental solidarity.

Indeed, within the framework of this project, two young people motivated by these questions will be mobilized on two missions, in Togo and France, in Civic Service. The objectives of this French initiative to encourage community involvement are to strengthen the professional integration of young people, the values of citizenship and local and international solidarity. It offers young people between the ages of 16 and 25 the opportunity to engage in a mission of general interest in France or abroad.

Eurasia Net has positioned itself in the South as an operator wishing to facilitate access to the Civic Service for the community of Valbonne and its youth service. Our association will therefore have the mission to facilitate, with the support of France Volontaire and DRAJES, the creation of mission sheets, the recruitment of volunteers in Valbonne and SICHEM, the mentoring of volunteers, their intercultural training, etc.

Territory Volontaire hopes, through a field experience with the support of a competent operator, to promote the use of the Civic Service as a device of professional insertion, of promulgation of the values of sustainable development among audiences of all ages, and intercultural cooperation for partners of different scales.

  • The youth of Valbonne within the Togolese association SICHEM will have the mission of helping agro-ecological development, raising the awareness of a young public about environmental issues and promoting agricultural entrepreneurship among young workers.
  • At the beginning of the mission, the. a volunteer will be mobilized. For a month in the municipality of Valbonne to participate in intercultural exchanges and animations with children and meet his Togolese counterpart at the beginning of his mission to facilitate their respective integration in this international mobility.
  • The. has volunteered from Togo. He will contribute, within the town hall of Valbonne, to the leisure/youth service, in support of various missions such as the facilitation of workshops on environmental issues, and reflections on citizenship, solidarity, media and information. 

This intercultual cooperation project will strengthen the pre-existing ties between the municipality of Valbonne and Togo and give two young people the opportunity to commit to international solidarity and the climate while positively impacting the children with whom they will be mobilized. It will also enable the various institutional and field partners, France Volontaire, the Valbonne community, DRAJES, Eurasia Net and SICHEM, to cooperate in a multi-projectTo exchange good practices in their approach to international solidarity.  

This first project could lead to the development of links between Valbonne and Eurasia Net and Togo and even to the renewal of missions with new volunteers. The objective of Territoires Volontaires will also be that of gradually reaching more and more communities in each region, in order to lead them, smoothly, towards the integration of the International Civic Service device in their cooperation tools.