+ 2 Project

+2, a project that supports young people’s professional integration through international mobility

Eurasia net and its two French partners, the Foundation “Apprentis d’Auteuil” and the NGO “Eurocircle” have set up the “+ 2” project. It aims at giving to young people from Marseille with a professional baccalaureate (highschool degree) the opportunity to integrate for free in the best universities in our city. 

The 30 young people were selected based on their motivation. They benefit for a year from personalized social support all along their training as well as academic coaching and a reinforcement of skills. The main objective of the +2 training is to guarantee a sustainable integration of this high potential youth. At the end of their training, they will receive a certificate equivalent to “Bac +2”, a French professional degree (equivalent to two years of education and training after high school). 

The young people have also attended a special training according to the course chosen between “executive assistant” or “business-sale”. From October 2021, they will do a 6-month combined study/work program. Moreover, they will do international volunteering from April to June 2022 (2 or 2,5 months), an opportunity to engage themselves in a mission thanks to the European Solidarity Corps. We think this international mobility can be a great personal and professional experience that enables them to develop skills and a key moment in their life. In addition, an intercultural experience is usually highly appreciated by recruiters. 

Eurasia net will support young people along their planning for the period abroad throughout personal meetings and group training.

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