Eurasia Net Connect

What is Eurasia net Connect ?

Eurasia net Connect is the dynamic network of former, current and future volunteers of the association. You are an Eurasian when you have carried out missions abroad or internally in Marseille through Eurasia net.  

The idea is to enable every committed Eurasian to understand the different opportunities that a mobility experience can offer through the exchange between former, current and new Eurasians.

Eurasia net Connect is a continuation of the Beez voluntary commitment.

What are the advantages of this network ?

You benefit from this large network which can help you in your professional projects and give you new career opportunities. Indeed, we want all Eurasians to exchange with each others, develop skills and meet to help each others. 

We really want to allow the volunteers through his commitment, to use Eurasia net Connect as a gateway to professional integration.

How can a Eurasian get involved ?

The different voluntary actions that a Eurasian can perform are : 

  • becoming a sponsor for a volunteer
  • relay our communication on social network 
  • support Eurasia net’s projects and events

It brings continuity to your commitment and allows you to get involved in actions with local and international impact. 


Com' booster


Sponsors are former volunteers, i.e. Eurasians, who give their insight, experience and support to the volunteers in the international phase by giving a few hours of their time each month. These people are available and willing to listen, and they like to communicate and share their international experiences. These people facilitate the social integration of the volunteer into the community and the international structure, accompanying him/her in his/her intercultural shock, destabilization linked to communication with the international structure or intercultural dialogue.

Beeing a communication booster means rasing awareness among young people via social networks and/or the creation of visuals for projects set up by Eurasia net and being an ambassador of the values of the association (interculturality, European and international volunteering, sustainable development, humanitarian aid, education).

No matter what region or country you live in, you can still support Eurasia net !


They are Eurasians who want to get involved in existing projects within Eurasia net. They commit themselves to participate, animate and support Eurasia net.

Examples : 

– Projects participation

– Support for the organisation of events 

– Occasional collaboration in the implementation of projects carried out by Eurasia net. 


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