Local Youth Participation

Youth participation in Europe is a topic that associations try to address, but we often encounter problems arising from the lack of information, lack of motivation and lack of opportunities for young people.

With this project we intend to create different study visits to find out what other young people are doing in each of the participating countries, so that they can see other ideas, meet people from other countries and share good practices.

Likewise, the entities and spaces that we are going to visit during these mobilities will  facilitate the visibility of local actions, the work of young volunteers and will give the town the opportunity to expand its participation in European projects.

The roots of the project: How was it born?

This partnership arises from a PBA that took place in Finland in 2022, and since then we have been meeting to be able to create this project according to our common objectives that can favor the participation of our young people.

Our main objectives

  • To foster cross-cultural learning and exchange among young people in France, Lithuania, and Spain and their peers from other European countries including local communities, promoting mutual understanding and respect for different perspectives and experiences.
  • Motivate the European participation of young people who still lack the necessary information in relation to the Erasmus+ program
  • Carry out study visit (one in each country of the consortium), 6 young people from each partner from different backgrounds will be able to travel, get to know new cultures and be enriched by the European values that we will promote during the project, as well as complete information and support so that they realize all the ideas that they can have in mind.

The partners

Project statuts


The project is about to start! Stay tuned!

Nous contacter:

Manager du projet: Giacomo BAGATELLA – projectmanager@eurasianet.eu

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