Get Lit Again

Eurasia net supports student engagement !

Last year, Eurasia net was involved with 3 training courses and 4 project teams to ensure the follow up and coaching of Master students. 4 events were born from this support, all of them having a sustainable, intercultural and solidarity dimension.


This year, Eurasia net is continuing its involvements with the Master 2 Applied Foreign Languages with Management of humanitarian and cultural projects speciality in the framework of the Concerto call for projects and with the support of the region. 

From September 2022 to June 2023, we will support the Action Solidarity Communication association, supported by the Master, in the organisation of three distinct projects : two on a international scale and one on a local scale. 

         – The local project will focus on the contribution of students to the smooth running of a solidarity grocery shop tp reduce student poverty, in cooperation with the other student associations, on the Schuman Campus of Aix-Marseille University. The students will also work on strengthening the link between old and new contributors to the association, to create more links and networks between the actors. 
         – The international projects will take the form of a project in Burkina Faso to improve access to water and a project in India to provide schooling for two to three Indian students. 

In several workshops, the Master students will be able to develop their project through collective intelligence and non-formal education sessions: through personal reflections, discussions and participative workshops. 

The Get Lit Again project will ensure the continuity and sustainability of the projects carried out in 2021-2022, and will strengthen the links between formal and non-formal education thanks to service learning, thus enhancing the associative commitment of young people, while at the same time accompanying students towards the practical discovery of project management.