In the framework of the “Places aux Jeunes” scheme, Engagés&Déterminés, a Parisian association is coordinating a cooperation project between formal and non-formal education : the field actors, Engagés&Déterminés, Eurasia net and the Portuguese Red Cross are joining forces from December 2021 to December 2022 with the Autonomous University of Barcelona to create a tool combining scientific research and field observation for youth workers. 

This tool aims to facilitate the integration of young people with “fewer opportunities” into international solidarity projects, based on pre-existing research by the Department of Educational Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

The partners met at the end of Decembre 2021 in Paris to co-construct the different stages of the project before launching a first local workshop. A second meeting between partners in Barcelona in May 2022 allowed the participating NGOs to improve the tool before setting up a second local workshop in June 2022 : these workshops involved young people with “fewer opportunities”, young people with experience in international solidarity and youth workers in order to obtain maximum diversity in the data collected. This data fed into the scientific research of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A final seminar took place in October 2022 in Paris, bringing together young people, youth workers, institutions and NGOs, and will allow the dissemination and finalisation of this tool, which aims to enable youth workers to self-assess their capacity to integrate young people with fewer opportunities.